Homemade Gifts Involving Mason Jars

Whether you are looking to save a little money this holiday season or if you simply want to give something a little more thoughtful than your typical gift card, there are plenty of homemade gifts involving mason jars that you can create. Many of these require no special skills, so you don’t need to be handy in the kitchen to make them. So, if you are doing a Secret Santa gift exchange at your office, or if you simply want to give something special to the people you spend one-third of your day with, these will all make a great gift for coworkers. [Read more…]

Coat Hooks and Other Cubicle Accessories

Be warned: This blog post is NOT exciting.  We are going to talk about hooks, hangers, and other paraphernalia that can help your coworkers get the most out of their cubicle space.

Recycled Cubicle Coat Hook
– 2 hooks
– Plastic construction
– Charcoal color

Fits most standard cubicle walls and is perfect for that eco-friendly coworker. [Read more…]

Office Temperature Wars: 10 Great Desk Fans and Heaters

If you have worked in an office, you are already familiar with a universal problem that plagues workers from California to Kathmandu: Office Temperature Wars!

No matter where the office, what the heating/cooling system is, you are bound to have coworkers complaining — and even fighting over — the air temperature.

That’s where you get to step in and play hero.

The perfect gift for coworkers is often a desk fan or small heating unit.  These inexpensive temperature-altering devices give workers a little more control at the office, and allows them to be a problem-solver rather than a chronic complainer. [Read more…]