Cheap Gifts for Coworkers – Under $25

Whether you are forced to participate in a gift exchange, or if you simply enjoy putting a smile on the face of people you share about one-third of your time with, coming up with gift ideas for coworkers is not always very easy. In fact, sometimes it can be so challenging that it takes all the fun out of it. If you are looking for cheap gifts for coworkers under $25, you have come to the right place. Below are some items that anyone will appreciate.

  • Winter Wear – You can easily buy a hat, scarf or matching set for under $25. If you look hard, you may even find a pair of matching gloves. The possibilities in this category are pretty much endless.
  • Personalized Items – If you know who you are shopping for, and this is not a gift exchange where everyone draws names at the last minute, which everyone pretty much dreads, then a personalized item is always a thoughtful idea. You could opt for a frame, pen set, business card holder, ornament, bar-ware, portfolio or clock.
  • Spa – If you are shopping for a female, or a male who is not embarrassed to admit that he loves to be pampered, then spa gifts are always wonderful. You can buy bath oils, sea salts, lotion, candles, bath pillow, sponges, etc. There are even gift baskets that you can buy, or you can simply order everything that you want and pick up an inexpensive basket at the craft store. You can often find baskets for well under $1.
  • Coffee and Tea – If you look around the office, you will have a hard time finding anyone who does not drink coffee or tea. Of course, they probably drink whatever they can catch on sale, or what they can manage to get out of the vending machine. Why not pick up premium beans for the coffee drinker, or some fair trade specialty leaves for the tea drinker? You can even find a nice grinder or thermos pretty cheap online, if you look hard enough. For example, there is a grinder by Krups at Amazon for under $20 with nearly 1,000 positive reviews.
  • Games – This is a pretty broad category. Games can include anything from desk gadgets to board games to the new video game they have been going on-and-on about. Who doesn’t love a new game? They can play it with their family and friends during a holiday celebration, or a bunch of you in the office can play it when the boss is in that long afternoon meeting on the golf course.
  • Music Gift Card – Nearly everyone downloads music to some type of electronic device. If you have  to buy for someone, and you are at a loss for ideas, you can give them a gift card to Amazon that they can use in their MP3 music store. A person can download an awful lot of great music for $25. Coincidentally, if they have Kindle or Audible, they can use it for book downloads too.
  • Fisher Space Pen – Everyone should have a Fisher Space Pen. These pens can write on any angle, and even in extreme temperatures, making them the most versatile writing tool ever made.
  • For the Home – Many people overlook these gift idea for coworkers, but home décor and furnishings can be great gifts. You can give fleece blankets, holiday decorations, candles, unique plants, coasters or anything else that could complement diverse living spaces.

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