Great Gifts for Busy Professionals

Do you want to buy a gift for coworkers this year that will actually be appreciated? Maybe you found the gift you bought your Secret Santa recipient in the trash last year, or perhaps you overheard them talking about how awful it was behind your back. Maybe you really tried to be thoughtful, or perhaps you didn’t; either way, you likely said that next year will be different. Well, next year is here, and it is time to shop! So, don’t even think about picking up a gift card or something thoughtless, what you need to be shopping for are great gifts for busy professionals. [Read more…]

Coworker Gift Idea: Make Your Own Movie Night Basket

Staying in and watching a movie can be the ultimate in comfort and recreation.  Making your own movie night bucket as a gift idea for coworkers is a gift that is easy to create and is always well received.  The great news is that it is relatively inexpensive and shows a level of thoughtfulness that can go a long way at work.

Many of the these items can be purchased in large quantities at a deep discount, meaning the more coworker gifts you give, the lower your cost per person.

Cardboard Popcorn Bucket
Plastic Bucket
Flower Pot

Movie Theater Style
Jiffy Pop
Popcorn Flavoring

Sno-Caps Concession Box
Goobers Concession Size
Candy in Bulk

Regal Entertainment Group
AMC Gift Card Collection
Fandango Gift Card Collection
Free Netflix Trial

Don’t feel like putting together your own movie kit as a coworker gift? Consider these movie-themed baskets that are already made for you.

Popcorn Lovers/Night At The Movies Gift Basket Stack
Concession Stand Popcorn & Candy Gift Set
Double Feature Movie Gift Basket
Movie Candy Gift Tower

Just a a little tissue paper and a thoughtful note and your movie night basket will be complete.

Retirement Quotes (and a Few Gift Ideas)

Retirement is a huge deal, especially to the person who is actually doing it, or the lucky person sliding into their coveted position. So, if you know someone getting ready to start the next big chapter in their life, then you are likely in need of retirement quotes, and a few gift ideas. The quotes, of course, are ideal for personalized gifts for coworkers, or to write in a card, say in a speech or use in a toast.

Retirement Quotes

“Middle age is when work is a lot less fun and fun is a lot more work.”
–          Author Unknown

“Retire from work, but not from life.”
–          M. K. Soni

“The concept of freedom is never truly realized until one settles into retirement mode.”
–          A. Major [Read more…]