Office Temperature Wars: 10 Great Desk Fans and Heaters

If you have worked in an office, you are already familiar with a universal problem that plagues workers from California to Kathmandu: Office Temperature Wars!

No matter where the office, what the heating/cooling system is, you are bound to have coworkers complaining — and even fighting over — the air temperature.

That’s where you get to step in and play hero.

The perfect gift for coworkers is often a desk fan or small heating unit.  These inexpensive temperature-altering devices give workers a little more control at the office, and allows them to be a problem-solver rather than a chronic complainer.


Vornado Flippi V6
Let me start the list with the small fan I have used for over four years, the Vornado Flippi V6. A no-frills personal fan, this air circulator offers two speeds and is relatively quiet.  I find it the perfect size and it is quite durable, surviving several moves and lasting several years without skipping a beat.

This unit does not offer oscillation, but it does swivel, allowing you to manually adjust the direction of the airflow.

If you need a unit that is a bit larger and oscillates, go with the Flippi V8.  I like the V6 for cubicles and the V8 for offices.

Vornado Zippi Desk Fan
Who knew nylon blades would keep things so cool?  This innovative little fan effectively moves air, all while being safe to the touch.

Quiet and adjustable, the fan requires a standard outlet and is available in several funky colors, including my fave, raindrop green.

If you travel for business, or have a coworker who hits the road often, the Zippi is a perfect companion to stay cool.

6-Inch 2-Speed Clip Fan
Some offices cubicles are set up to make us feel like sardines.  If your work space is tight, consider a clip fan.  You’ll preserve desk space for all of that important paper shuffling, and give yourself more options on where to place the fan. Whether you choose the cube wall or some other random space, this Lasko fan will keep you cool.

Fantastik Clip On Light Show Fan
If you are looking for a gift for a coworker that likes funky things, consider the “Can You Imagine” fan.  Built-in super bright LED lights create 32 effects and patterns, keeping things cool…in style.  A flexible gooseneck lets you point the air in any direction.  The blades are made from foam, and the fan stops spinning if the blades are obstructed.  Requires 2 AA batteries.

Handheld Water-misting Fan
Perhaps not the best office fan, this handheld misting fan can make a great gift for your favorite outdoor worker who must brave the elements.  A fingertip-activated pump trigger creates a gentle mist that evaporates when fanned.  Up to 1,000 “mists” per fill up! Requires 2 AA batteries.


My Heat Personal Ceramic Heater
Why heat the room when you can just heat yourself?  The My Heat Personal Ceramic Heater does exactly that, making it a great addition to any chilly desk. Using only 200-Watts, this warm device features overheat protection and cool-touch housing, meaning that even the coldest boss can warm up to this heater. Available in blue, orange, purple and black.

Optimus H-4110 9-Inch Dish Heater
Coming in at a little over 13 inches high, this dish heater provides some serious warmth.  Durable nichrome and ceramic element emits a very dim red glow, adding a little color to that drab cubicle. Safety features such as an internal heat-limiting thermal cut-off function and a tip-over safety switch, ensure that you will not leave your job in a blaze of glory.  A built-in carrying handle will let you transport it from your desk to the conference room without any issues.

Comfort Zone CZHTV9 Flat Panel Halogen Heater
Keep your desk clear and take advantage of this space-saving flat panel heater.  Featuring 70-degree oscillation and the option to operate at either 400-watts or 800-watts, you and your cubemates will get toasty as you have a meeting to plan your next meeting.  Silent operation is a plus, but be warned, this thing glows like the sun.

The Sharper Image Personal/Tabletop Ceramic Heater
Get a hit of quick heat with this round table-top heater.  Two settings, an illuminated on/off indicator, and automatic shut-off feature make this little guy a great gift for a cold coworker.

Crane EE-6490 Space Heater 600/1200 Watt
Whether you want to warm your upper body or feel the heat on your legs, this Crane heater is the perfect size to fit on your desk or under it.  Coming in at under 8 inches in height, you will be surprised at how much heat this gadget delivers.  A dust filter on the back of the unit makes this heater easy to clean. And while not a major factor, this heater is easy on the eyes.

The office temperature will never be perfect.  How can it be? We’re all different shapes and sizes. That’s why you need to take matters into your own hands and make it a priority to make yourself comfortable.  So spread the love, desk fans and small heaters make the perfect gift for coworkers.

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