Office Fish – Unique Desk Fish Tanks

Soothing. Relaxing. Beautiful.

You would be hard pressed to find someone who does not enjoy a nice office fish tank. Even the creepy guy from accounting loves pretty fishies! Real or fake!

Thanks to advances in technology, there are many inexpensive ways to add office fish to help beautify your work space.  Aside from adding a nice visual aesthetic, a fish tank on a desk not only guarantees you are the boss of another living creature, but it’s also a healthy reminder that there’s life outside of the corporate fishbowl.

EcoSphere Closed Aquatic Ecosystem, Pod

If you are looking for an object that will draw attention (and desk traffic!), look no further than the EcoSphere.  A fully enclosed marine world that requires NO maintenance, this hand-blown glass orb is packed with gravel, branches and most importantly, Hawaiian Red Shrimp.  These little guys are expected to live several years by eating the algae within the tank.  All the owner has to do is provide indirect light (those office fluorescents will do the trick) and keep the temperature between 60 – 80 degrees Fahrenheit.  Full disclosure: I own this unit and LOVE it.  However, there are people who believe these shrimp aren’t living the happiest life, so do your research before purchasing.

Aquarium Lamp with Fish: Ocean in Motion Revolving  Aquatic Scene

Another great “fake” fish item is an aquarium lamp. A moving picture creates the illusion that the water and fish are in motion.  All of the benefits of a real tank, without ever having to find Nemo floating up top.

Mini USB LCD Desktop Lamp Light Fish Tank Aquarium LED Clock White

Part fish tank, part clock, part sound machine, this desktop aquarium makes a unique and unusual gift for your coworkers.

The tank accepts real fish thanks to moving water powered via USB cable.  Decorative pebbles and an artificial plant are included. The clock features a backlit LCD display with an alarm, calendar, and temperature reading.

Choose from six different tranquil sounds.

Fluval Chi Aquarium Kit

If you are looking for an affordable fish tank for an office or desk, the Fluval Chi has you covered. This “standard” 5-gallon aquarium features a single plug for the integrated filtration system and powerful LED lighting system.

A handy decor tray allows the owner to change out plants and decorative objects for differing looks. But the real selling point of this aquarium is the three- stage mechanical, chemical and biological filter, delivering crystal clear water.  Goldfish, Bettas, Guppies and Danios are recommended.


Fake Fish Tank for Office

Lightahead Artificial Aquarium Fish Tank Multi Color LED

Fake fish, real bubbles, and zero hassle, oh yeah! Choose between AC power or AA batteries (not included).

Discovery Kids Animated Tropical Fish Marine Aquarium Lamp With Auto Shut Off

Enjoy watching exotic fish swim against a dynamic ocean landscape.Discovery Tank

Lightahead LED Fantasy Jellyfish Lamp Round

Lifelike jellyfish movements are so realistic your coworkers will question if they are real!




This swimming fish desk organizer simulates the look of fish, while giving the owner a place to hold all of their desk supplies.

Undersea Coral Reef Photo Wall Paper

FFF! Fish, flora & fauna of the sea as a mural on your wall.

fish paper

Adding the beauty of underwater life to a desk is a cinch.  Give your coworker a gift that promotes harmony and will give them something pleasant to look at when the work days get tough. They’ll thank you for it.

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